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Corpse Party Blood Covered

Posted by Larzuk06 on December 3, 2011 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)

So now that Corpse Party is out for the PSP. One has to wonder if its worth it. Yes it is completely worth getting. Is it worth the low price of $20 off of psn? Hell yes it is and easily one of the best games I've ever spent money on. I suggest buying the game and supporting XSEED games. If it does well then we might see the sequel. Sadly I think the game is going way under the radar because of some other main stream games.

This game is not for everyone though. If your a horror fan, especially Japanese horror, then this could easily be one of the best purchases you have made. When I mean horror, I mean it. Corpse Party does now pull the cheap scare tactics that you see in most games that are considered horror. This game has more of a psychological horror theme to it. It's all about the atmosphere. The setting, music, and voices, all contribute into one big ball of horror. The bad endings can be quite unsetteling and graphic in nature. This is where a lot of people can be pushed away from the game. There are even a couple endings that made me cringe. This game is not for the faint of heart or stomach.

The music is very good. It has awesome themes for each chapter to the creepy tones that can make shivers go down your spine. The music fits very well, where and when you hear it throughout the game. The music starts appropriately for each scene that you encounter. Encouragement, fear, sadness, etc., there is music for each sort of theme.

The gameplay has the over-the-head view, kind of like Legend of Zelda. Going from point A to point B. Requiring items to help you get through each chapter. There a puzzles in the game, some being moderate to some being more on the difficult side. The biggest thing about the gameplay is the decision making. Throughout the game you will encounter many, many branching paths. These decisions or choice making sections require some actual thinking. This game doesn't take lightly to your actions. If you choose something wrong then someone will die. Sometimes in a very brutal way. Some decisions will only change the text slightly where as some will choose if a character will survive in later chapters. That's not all that can kill you of course. There are multiple ways to die but thats up to you to figure out. 

Recording Doom videos

Posted by Larzuk06 on September 8, 2011 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Recording is actually a rather time consuming process. Unless of course you have played through a game and know all the in and outs of it. This also depends on the type of game that you are recording. Of course playing a game blind can have its down falls.

Playing through Doom can really be a tidious job. May it be a speed run or just a run in general without saving. With the many times of having to restart a map because something messed up costing you a lot of time, that one enemy decided not to teleport until way past the area, or dying do to how random the enemies can be. A UV Max can actually be really difficult to do on maps that take 10+ minutes. Trust me, it gets aggrivating to spend more than an hour on a map just because of one of those reasons.

Even though it can be tidious, I still push on through. Sure that map might have taken over an hour to get right. Sure I might not get more than 10 views on it. I will continue to do this hard work for my viewers. Its what I like to do now. I see these videos as a video walk through to help others.