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Many of my subscribers know me more for my Doom videos. I play through and record them for everyone to see. The point of this was to help those that might need help on a certain map or even for just entertainment purposes.  Sometimes some watch because a certain map set is to difficult for them. Along the way, it has helped me get better.

My Doom videos will always be played, unless noted otherwise, on Ultra Violence with all secrets and items found. A UV max for a short way of saying it. Sometimes maps have issues that have never been fixed that makes items, kills, or secrets unavailable for some reason or another. Also I play with different ports, depending on what the wad calls for.

I would also like to note to anyone who might not have seen my videos. I am NOT a speed runner. Even though they are generally amazing to watch. My videos are meant for those who are a casual gamer or needs some help in one way or another on a map set. If by chance I do attempt a speed run, the name of the video will have a time limit.

I generally don't upload any Doom videos unless the current map set is close to being finished.

Doom Recording Activity

These are always subject to change over time. I might even finish a planned map set first. 


Active Projects 

  •  Concerned   

Planned Projects

  • Doom 2 Unleashed
  • Epic 1      
  • Epic 2      
  • Memento Mori 1     
  • Memento Mori 2     
  • Rebirth     
  • Scythe 2     
  • Scythe X     
  • Speed of Doom     
  • and more once they are released

Finished Projects