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3/2/2014 A Long Over Due Update

So, it's time that I dusted this site off and finally update it. The last update was 2 freaking years ago. Honestly, I completely forgot about this site of mine, until recently when I saw it linked on my youtube. A lot has happened in those 2 years. A lot of videos were uploaded, moved out the house, went to ACen where I met a couple online friends, barely scratched the surface with the games to beat on my to do list, attempted some Let's Play videos, annnnnnd suddenly remembered this site


So what made my update this site again? All of this was do to hitting the character limit on my youtube description page. I'm not finished yet but I have done a lot of things. So what has changed?

  • Most of the text is a different color. Is this easier to read?
  • I've updated most of the pages.
  • Updated the links on the Doom page.
  • I created this little bit of news. Obviously!
  • Did I miss anything? I'm sure I did somewhere...
  • Oh wait, cleaned up the dust pile.

2/1/2012 Legacy of Suffering

Damn those alien bast...wait that was a different game. Anyways it has been awhile since I've updated my site. There is really nothing to add other than I've recorded Legacy of Suffering and now uploading it.  What is LoS? To keep it short it's Doom 3 in the Doom engine with a slight addition of Painkiller. A small map set that consists of nine maps.

Other than that nothing much has been going on other than recording on and off. It has been on a bit of slow down due to taking a break and watching anime and reading again. I really should prioritize and finish my other DOOM projects to get them out of the way. I have other games and ideas planned but getting those to work out is the issue.

12/2/2011 Corpse Party

So I have finished the game on psp now. All I can say is.... DAMN, THAT WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST GAMES I'VE EVER PLAYED. If your a fan of horror then I do suggest this game. Get it now if you have a psp and have access to psn.

About two week ago I went out of my way to buy a new psp and the hd pvr. Now I can record the game from the tv. Ive got two chapters recorded so far. Almost three hours of content just in that. Plus I'm recording all the bad endings. It will be a bloody good time! And I actually mean blood.

11/17/2011 Its Party Time!!.. Wait.. What..?

I heard good news about a week ago about Corpse Party coming out to the US. I've been wanting this game for years. It will be on the PSP and only available on the PSN. To celebrate I've went ahead and recorded the trial version on PC. It contains only the first chapter. What more can I do for you viewers? I made it somewhat interactive by letting you choose the story driven decisions (only one choice in the trial). The videos will split and you choose your own path.

OK so it really isn't so much a party but a survival horror where your choices have grave consequences. That only took quite a few years for a game to actually make you think thoroughly about your choice.

So if this goes well and you all enjoy it. Then I will try to find a way to record the psp version which is better in every way possible.

Also on the agenda I have started on Reverie. A brand new 32 map set for DOOM 2. 

11/08/2011 Call of DOOty?

So today Modern Warfare 3 came out. Now one might say that this is an obvious thing. Well, I didn't buy the game due to various reasons. I prefer to play classic shooters over the new generation of shooters. Thats right, Doom took priority! Speaking of classic shooters...

Same ol' basic news about DOOM. About a week ago I put up a video for Brutal DOOM. I got mixed responses about if I should play through DOOM 2 as it is or with the brutal mod. I've decided to double time it and do both.

How this will work is once both are complete. It will be a double feature everyday. I'll put one map of each on my channel. Giving you all a chance to watch two videos in one day. You can watch one or even both. I'm doing this so you all can see the differences in play style and how much more difficult it has become.

In other news. I'm going to be rather busy the next two months. Three new 32 map map sets are going to be released mid-November to December and I plan to record them all. Hope you all enjoy.